About Us

We are your trusted technology partner who turns your business innovation ideas into reality.

For the last 15 years, our work has been to address
Africa’s difficult challenges empower marginalized to
achieve more sustainable livelihoods

Chris Harrison,
Group CEO, StepWise

Innovative Solutions for
Sustainable Development

Why Leverage Workflow Automation

Studies that show that small businesses employees work
twice as much as regular employees by 60 extra hours
or more per week.

Workflow automation is the key to freeing up SME’s time and allowing them to focus on their core competencies. Automated workflow
solutions are preferred over manual processes or application-specific tools of operations in a company as it acts as a better collaboration
tool which improves the efficiency by more than 35%

In fact, by efficient workflow automation solutions, business:

  • Reduce the decision making time by more than 35%
  • Standardize back end operations of a company 77%
  • Gain 48% more visibility into data and insight into operations

Who We Are

Zalda is a trusted partner and a recognized software development agency delivering world class software solutions, that are Innovative,
Agile and Reliable.

Aligned to our overall StepWise’s mission, the Zalda Team leverages technology to meet the varied needs of growing businesses and to
promote equitable access to technology for the underserved communities particularly, the youth, women and Persons with Disabilities.

As an arm of Zalego Academy and Daproim Africa, Zalda provides
an edge through a unique Technical Skills Resourcing and
Managed Service business, run by specialists. Ours is a custom
software development company with a specialized team of
software engineers, business analysts, solution architects, testers
and project managers and we are really passionate about
delivering technology to empower lives

Our Mission

Our mission is to help all levels of enterprises to cut cost, increase
efficiency and increase their revenue

The Values that Drive Us

Our prime focus is to build long-term, honest and collaborative relationships with our clients who can rely on our expertise
and get on with running their businesses without worrying about technical capacity or the integrity of their systems/IT
business solutions.

We are committed to providing sustainable solutions to our clients. Our continuous delivery powers the level of product quality and effective use by the end users.
Customer Focus
Quality and efficiency being our key motive, we ensure our end users are satisfied with our products.
If we don't have the necessary expertise in-house,we engage our large support network to locate the right level of skills and experience.
We effectively respond to changes;draw customers into the team for quality improvement of product.

Power your business with quality & efficiency of products we deliver.

Devan Plaza 6th Floor,
Crossway Road, Westlands.

020 7909004

We value your

It starts and ends with delivering exceptional customer service and never losing focus on what matters–

being a trusted partner for our bespoke software clients.

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