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Wisely ERP




Wisely ERP


Automate your business information collection to achieve well organized data and reduced information collection time, using our ERP solution. It is a web-based solution that can be accessed using all devices including phone, tablet and desktop computer. The solution helps manage business’ day-to-day activities; HR, Finance, Communication, Asset Management, Talent Management, Customer Relationship and much more. Our solution is easily customizable to meet different companies’ needs and to accommodate different processes.

The ERP modules designed have great features that help the business reach a whole new height. Give it a try!


Easily record your company and employees’ information, staff performances, leave management and attendance and recruitment.

Manage all your customers in one deck; leads tracking, customer onboarding and dealing with your customer effectively and efficiently.

Generate and process your company’s payroll in a few clicks. The solution also helps you disburse salary advances, loans and expense claims easily.

Keep a record of and track all your assets in one place, generating assets report that helps you track assets location and movement.



Robust security mechanism

Available dedicated security resources of all information. Data stored on secure cloud services.


Business process improvement

Automated tasks such as invoice creation, routine communications, financial report generation; Better access to customer data and improved tracking performance; resulting seamless workflow.


Enhanced Business reporting

Better reporting tools with real-time information, A single source of truth – one integrated database for all business processes.

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